Free Throw Percentage (FT%) Calculator (Basketball)

FT% Calculator

What is Free Throw Percentage?

Free throw percentage (FT%) is a basketball metric that puts a player’s successful free throws in perspective to their total attempts.

How to calculate free throw percentage

Free throw percentage (FT%) calculates as:
\frac{\text{Free Throws Made}}{\text{Free Throws Attempted}}


A player has made 188 free throw attempts, and in that time has made a total of 129 free throws.
\text{Free Throw Percentage} = \frac{129}{188}
\text{Free Throw Percentage} = 0.686
Therefore, this player has an FT% of .686, or 68.6%.

What counts as a Free Throw in Basketball?

In basketball, a free throw (or foul shot) is awarded to a player who has been fouled by the other team. The number of free throws depends on where on the court the player was while being fouled.
Other foul situations can result in the award of a free throw.
When a free throw is awarded, the shooter takes the shot from behind the free throw line.
Each successful free throw is worth 1 point.

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