Bowling Strike Rate (SR) Calculator (Cricket)

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

Bowling SR Calculator

Bowling Strike Rate is a measurement of a bowler’s average number of balls bowled for every wicket taken.
A lower strike rate is preferable – it means that the bowler can get more batsmen out with fewer balls. The statistic is considered to be more important in longer games than shorter 1-day matches.
Bowling strike rate is a complimentary statistic to the more popular Batting strike rate.

Formula – How to calculate Bowling Strike Rate

Bowling Strike Rate = Balls Bowled ÷ Wickets Taken


If a bowler bowled 776 balls and taken 18 wickets in that time, then:
Strike Rate (Bowling) = 776 ÷ 18
Strike Rate (Bowling) = 43.1
Therefore, the bowler’s bowling strike rate is 43.1.

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