Pace Factor Calculator (Basketball)

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

Pace Factor Calculator

Definition – What is Pace Factor?

Pace Factor measures the number of possessions of the ball by a team in a basketball game.

A pace factor of 100 from 1 game would indicate that there were a total of 100 possessions in the game. A pace factor of 75 over 100 games would indicate that a team averages 75 possessions per game.

How to calculate Pace Factor

Pace Factor = Minutes per Game x ((Team Possessions + Opponent Possessions) ÷ (2 x (Team Minutes Played ÷ 5)))


  • Minutes per Game” are the number of regulation minutes in a game. The NBA is 48 minutes. The WNBA, FIBA, and NCAA are 40 minutes of regulation time. Do not include overtime play.
  • Team Possessions” and “Opponent Possessions” are the number of of possessions by each team. A possession happens when a team gets offensive possession of the ball. The possession ends when the team scores, loses the ball, or commits a foul or violation.
  • Team Minutes Played” is the number of minutes every player on the court plays. If a regulation game is 48 minutes, then the team minutes played would be 48 minutes x 5 players = 240 team minutes.Include overtime play.


In a game, a team has had 82 possessions and their opponents 77. The team’s players have played for a total of 240 minutes, and the match was 48 minutes long.

Pace Factor = 48 x ((82 + 77) ÷ (2 x (240 ÷ 5))

Pace Factor = 48 x (159 ÷ (2 x 48))

Pace Factor = 48 x (159 ÷ 96)

Pace Factor = 48 x 1.656

Pace Factor  79.5

Therefore, this team has a pace factor of 79.5.

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