Field Goal Percentage (FG%) Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

FG% Calculator

Definition – What is Field Goal Percentage?

Field goal percentage (FG%) is the percentage of successful shots (2 or 3 point) to attempted shots (2 or 3 point). It does not include free throw attempts or baskets. It is like “shooting percentage” metrics found in Hockey or Soccer.

FG% percentage is a performance statistic. It can help show a player’s ability independent of pure scoring.

A criticism of field goal percentage is that it does not distinguish between 2 and 3 point shots. An alternate metric is “Effective Field Goal Percentage” (eFG%), which does.

Another challenge is that it does not consider free throws. A player who can move towards the basket, get fouled, score with a free-throw adds to a team’s success. An alternate metric is “True Shooting Percentage” (TS%), which does.

Formula – How to calculate Field Goal %

FG% = Field Goals ÷ Field Goal Attempts


  • A “Field Goal” is a basket that counts for a point that is not a free throw.
  • A “Field Goal Attempt” is an attempt at a basket that is not a free throw.


A player has made 514 field goal attempts, and in that time has made a total of 261 field goals (both 2 and 3 points)

FG% = 261 ÷ 514

FG% = 0.5078

Therefore, this player has an FG% of .5078, or 50.78%.

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