Field Goal Percentage (FG%) Calculator (Basketball)

LAST UPDATE: July 14th, 2020

FG% Calculator

What is Field Goal Percentage?

Field goal percentage (FG%) is a basketball metric that puts a player’s successful shots in perspective to their total attempts.
Where statistics such as total points and wins show a player’s contribution to a game, a metric such as Field Goal Percentage shows how successful that player is with each attempt to make a field goal.
Like any metrics, FG% is not a “perfect” picture of a player’s ability, only one lens to view it through.
One common criticism of field goal percentage is it does not take into account the extra value (and added difficulty) of 3 point shots – one reason that some prefer to use effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%). Another challenge with looking only at field goal percentage as a player’s ability is that it does not take into account free throws.


Field goal percentage (FG%) calculates as:

FG% = Field Goals ÷ Field Goal Attempts


A player has made 514 field goal attempts, and in that time has made a total of 261 field goals (both 2 and 3 points)

FG% = 261 ÷ 514

FG% = 0.5078

Therefore, this player has an FG% of .5078, or 50.78%.

What counts as a Field Goal in Basketball?

In basketball, a field goal is a basket that counts for a point except for a free throw.

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