Assist to Turnover (AST) Ratio (Basketball)

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What is Assist to Turnover Ratio?

Assist to turnover ratio (AST) is a basketball statistic used to out a player’s number of assists in context with the number of turnovers they have caused.

It is intended to be representative of a player’s ball control. The theory behind the statistic is that a player who creates more assists (passes that create a point) while limiting turnovers (the number of times they lose the ball) has better ball control.

Like all sports statistics, it is an indicator that among many that do not always tell the entire story of a player’s ability. One challenge with assist to turnover, for example, would be player who frequently scores may have a low number of assists (as points scored do not affect AST) and also a relatively higher number of turnovers (as they may also take the ball closer to the net) and therefore have a lower AST ratio than a player who focuses on assists as opposed to scoring.


Assist to turnover ratio (AST) is calculated as Assists / Turnovers


A player has 42 assists and 7 turnovers recorded towards them.
Assist to Turnover Ratio = 42 / 7
Assist to Turnover Ratio = 6
Therefore, this player’s Assist to Turnover Ratio is 6.

What counts as an assist in Basketball?

In basketball, an assist is recorded to the player who passes the ball to a teammate who then scores a basket.
In the NBA, assists that result in points from free throws (the pass is made to a player who is then fouled, followed by that player making a basket through a free throw) are not counted, however they are counted in FIBA (International Basketball Federation) matches.

What counts as a turnover in Basketball?

In basketball, a turnover is recorded to a player who loses possession of the ball to the opposite team.
Turnovers can happen for a number of reasons – examples include a player stepping out of bounds (or passing the ball out of bounds) or creating an offensive foul (resulting in the ball changing possession) to being called for a violation or having the ball stolen.

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