True Shooting Percentage (TS%) Calculator (Basketball)

LAST UPDATE: February 12th, 2020

TS% Calculator

What is True Shooting Percentage?

Turnover percentage is a metric that is intended to show a basketball player’s ability to score.
It is intended to be an alternative to field goal percentage, which only measures the ratio of successful shots to shots made.
Compared with field goal percentage, true shooting percentage takes into account the difference in point value (and difficulty) of 3 pointers and free throws from 2 point field goals.
Like all metrics, it is only an indicator of a player’s ability and does not tell the full story. Critics of true shooting percentage point out that the formula has difficulties near the extremes (lots of 3 pointers and almost all of them sunk) that can generate situations where a player has more than a 100% true shooting percentage.

How to calculate True Shooting Percentage

True Shooting Percentage is calculated as:
\frac{\text{Points}}{(2 \times \text{Field Goal Attempts}) + (0.88 \times \text{Free Throw Attempts})}


A player has 1851 points scored across 1205 field goal attempts and 665 free throw attempts.
\text{True Shooting Percentage} = \frac{1851}{(2 \times 1205) + (0.88 \times 665)}
\text{True Shooting Percentage} = \frac{1851}{2410 + 585.2}
\text{True Shooting Percentage} = \frac{1851}{2995.2}
\text{True Shooting Percentage} = 0.618
Therefore, the player’s true shooting percentage would be 0.618, or 61.8%.

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