Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

eFG% Calculator

Definition – What is Effective Field Goal Percentage?

Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) similar to field goal percentage and true shooting percentage. It puts a player’s number of 3 point field goals into perspective of their field goal attempts.

Where field goal percentage (FG%) measures the ratio of field goals made to field goal attempts (regardless of the value of the basket), eFG% adjusts to compensate for the extra value (as well as extra difficulty) of 3 point shots.

A common criticism of eFG% is that shooters with very high percentage success rates, which favor 3 point shots, would arrive at an eFG% of more than 100%.

Formula – How to calculate eFG%

eFG% = (Field Goals + (0.5 + 3pt Field Goals)) ÷ Field Goal Attempts


  • A “Field Goal” is a 2 or 3 point basket.
  • A “3pt Field Goal” is a 3 point basket.
  • A “Field Goal Attempt” is an attempt to score a basket. Do not include free throw attempts.


A player has made 240 field goal attempts, an in that time has made a total of 82 field goals, 77 of which were 3 point field goals (3 pointers)

eFG% = (82 + (0.5 x 77)) ÷ 240

eFG% = (82 + 38.5) ÷ 240

eFG% = 120.5 ÷ 240

eFG% = 0.502

Therefore, this player has an eFG% of 0.502, or 50.2%.

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