Economy Rate (Econ) Calculator (Cricket)

LAST UPDATE: July 14th, 2020

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What is “Economy Rate” in Cricket?

Economy rate is the average number of runs conceded for each over bowled. Strike Rate is a measurement of a bowler’s average number of balls bowled for every wicket taken.
A lower economy rate is seen as preferable – it means that the bowler is able to get more batsmen out with fewer balls. The statistic is considered to be more important in shorter games than longer test matches.


In Cricket, Economy Rate is calculated as:

Economy Rate = Runs Conceded ÷ Overs Bowled


If a bowler bowled 52.5 overs and allowed 526 runs in that time, then:
Economy Rate = 526 ÷ 52.5
Economy Rate = 8.06
Therefore, the bowler’s economy rate is 8.06.

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