Shooting Percentage (SH%) Calculator (Soccer / Football)

LAST UPDATE: January 24th, 2020


What is “Shooting Percentage”?

Shooting percentage is a soccer player’s percentage of shots that are goals.

A higher shooting percentage is a sign of a soccer player that frequently scores for each shot on goal they take.


Shooting Percentage = goals scored / shots on goal taken.


  • A “goal” is a shot that goes in the net.
  • A “shot” is a shot that directs the puck towards the net and is either stopped by the goaltender or goes in the net. The shot total does not include shots blocked by another player and shots that miss the net.


A player has made 78 shots on goal and in that time has scored 22 goals.

22 goals divided by 78 shots is 0.282.

Therefore, the player’s shooting percentage is 0.282, or 28.2%.

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