PDO Calculator (Soccer)

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

PDO Calculator

What is PDO?

PDO is the sum of a team’s shooting percentage and save percentage when both teams are at equal strength.

The theory behind PDO is that a team will regress to a PDO of 100%. A team with a PDO of more than 100% is seen as performing better than they actually are (and due for a bad luck streak). A team with a PDO of less than 100% may be playing worse than they are (and due for a lucky streak).

Calculate a player’s PDO only from the stats when they are on the field. Calculate a team’s PDO for the entire team’s performance.

Some soccer statisticians use PDO after it became a commonly quoted hockey statistic of the same name.


PDO = Shooting Percentage + Save Percentage

  • Shooting Percentage” is the percentage of offensive shots that are taken that count as goals.
  • Save Percentage” is the percentage of defensive shots taken that count as saves.


A team has the a shooting percentage of 11.2% and save percentage of 87.3%

PDO = 11.2% + 87.3%
PDO = 98.5%

This team’s PDO would be 98.5%, or 0.985.