Shooting Percentage (SH%) Calculator (Hockey)



Shooting Percentage calculates as follows: Shooting Percentage = goals scored / shots on goal taken.


If a player has made 622 shots on goal and in that time has scored 48 goals:48 goals divided by 622 shots is 0.0772.

Therefore, the player’s shooting percentage is 0.0772, or 7.72%.

What is “Shooting Percentage”?

Shooting percentage is a statistic used in hockey (as well as field hockeylacrosse, soccer, water polo, and other sports with a goalie) that is used to put a player’s number of goals made in comparison with their total shots made.It is intended to give a measurement of a player’s scoring ability.

What counts as a “save”?

A “save” is considered to be a shot on goal that is stopped by the goaltender.

What counts as a “shot on goal”?

A “shot” is a shot that directs the puck towards the net and is either stopped by the goaltender or goes in the net. In hockey, a shot that is blocked by another player is recorded as a blocked shot and is not included in the shot total. A shot that misses the goal or hits the net post records as a missed shot, and is not included in the shot total.


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