Fenwick Calculator (Hockey)

Fenwick Calculator


In hockey, Fenwick is an advanced hockey statistic that is calculated as follows:
Fenwick = (Shorts on Target For + Missed Shots) – (Shots on Target Against + Missed Shots Against)
All stats are taken from even strength, 5 on 5 play.


If a team has the following stats:
For – Shots: 1,091 – Missed Shots: 417
Against – Shots: 918 – Missed Shots: 422
Their Fenwick would be calculated as:
Fenwick = (1,091 + 417) – (918 + 422)
Fwnwick = 1508 – 1340
Fenwick = 168
This team’s Fenwick would be 168.

What is Fenwick?

Fenwick is a advanced statistic used in hockey that compares the total number of offensive and defensive “actions”.
Is it similar to Corsi, however does not include blocked shot statistics.

What counts as a “Shot for” or “Shot against”?

In hockey, a “shot for” is a shot attempt that is either stopped by the goaltender or goes in the net.
A “shot against” is the opposite.

What counts as a “Missed shot for” or “Missed shot against”?

A “missed shot” is when a team shoots the puck towards the net, and it does not go in the net and is not stopped by the goaltender. A shot that is made and hits the net post or crossbar (and does not go in the net) are considered a “missed shot”.


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