Fenwick (USAT) Calculator (Hockey)

LAST UPDATE: January 23rd, 2020


What is Fenwick (USAT)?

Fenwick, also known as “Unblocked Shot Attempts” (USAT) is an advanced statistic used in hockey that compares the total number of offensive and defensive “actions.”

Is it similar to Corsi, however, does not include blocked shot statistics.


Fenwick = (Shorts on Target For + Missed Shots) – (Shots on Target Against + Missed Shots Against)

All stats are taken from even strength, 5 on 5 play


  • A “shot on target” is a shot that is stopped by the goalie or goes in the net (goal)
  • A “missed shot” is a shot that does not go in the net and is not stopped by the goalie. A shot that hits the crossbar or goalpost is counted as a “missed shot.”
  • For” is an action towards the other team’s net (an offensive action).
  • Against” is an action towards the team’s net (a defensive action).


If a team has the following stats:
For – Shots: 1,091 – Missed Shots: 417
Against – Shots: 918 – Missed Shots: 422

Their Fenwick would be calculated as:
Fenwick = (1,091 + 417) – (918 + 422)
Fenwick = 1508 – 1340
Fenwick = 168

Therefore, this team’s Fenwick would be 168.