Baseball Times on Base (TOB) Calculator

Times on Base Calculator


What is Times on Base?

TOB is a baseball statistic that shows the number of times a batter has gotten on base through a hit, walk, or being hit by the pitch.
TOB does not include arriving on base through any other method (errors, uncaught third strikes, fielder’s choice, or fielder’s obstruction).
It is used as a direct statistic, and is not compared with another action or timeline.

How to calculate TOB

In Baseball, on Times on Base is calculated as:
TOB = Hits + Walks + Hit by Pitch


If a batter has 164 hits, 22 walks, and 4 times being hit by a pitch, then:
TOB = 164 + 22 + 4
TOB = 190
This batter has been on base 190 times according to this statistic (they have may been on base more times through other methods, however).

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