Defense-Independent Component ERA (DICE) Calculator (Baseball)

DICE Calculator

What is DICE?

DICE is a modification of Component ERA (ERC) that attempts to create a pitching metric that is independent of the performance of the rest of the defensive team.
The Component ERA metric was built to create an pitching metric that revolved around the pitcher-batter relationship more than it revolved around the number of runs earned (a result that is arguably further outside of a pitcher’s control).
The Defense-Independent Component ERA metric is intended to meet the goals of Component ERA, as well completely remove the performance of the non-pitching defensive team to create a metric that independently evaluates pitching performance.

How to Calculate DICE

In Baseball, DICE is calculated as:
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + \frac{(13\times\text{Home Runs})+(3\times(\text{Walks}+\text{Hit by Pitch}))-(2\times\text{Strikeouts})}{\text{Innings Pitched} + (\text{Outs Pitched (Partial Innings)}/3)}


If pitcher has the following statistics:
Walks: 43 | Strikeouts: 207 | Home Runs: 35 | Batters Hit: 2 | Innings Pitched: 202 | Outs Pitched (Partial Innings): 1
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + \frac{(13\times35)+(3\times(43+2))-(2\times207)}{202 + (1/3)}
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + \frac{455+(3\times45)-414}{202.333333}
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + \frac{455+135-414}{202.333333}
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + \frac{176}{202.333333}
\text{DICE} = 3.00 + 0.86985
\text{DICE} = 3.86985
Therefore, the pitcher’s Defense-Independent Component ERA is 3.870.

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