Ground Ball to Fly Ball Ratio (GB/FB) Calculator (Baseball)

LAST UPDATE: March 8th, 2020

GB/FB Calculator

What is Ground Ball to Fly Ball (GB/FB) Ratio?

GB/FB is a baseball ratio that compares the number of fly balls for each ground ball produced by a batter.
It is often used to assess the type of hitter – whether they hit high or low.
It is also used to evaluate pitchers for the same information – whether their pitching style produces low or high hits.
Understanding the type of hits more likely to be generated helps both the offense and defense plan their strategies.
A higher result means that more ground balls are produced (hits are more often low) while a lower result means that more fly balls are produced (hits are more often high).

How to calculate GB/FB

In Baseball, on GB/FB is calculated as follows:
GB/FB = Ground Balls / Fly Balls


If a batter has produced 265 Ground Balls (GB) and 170 Fly Balls (FB), then:
GB/FB = 265 / 170
GB/FB = 1.56
This batter’s GB/FB ratio is 1.56.

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