Innings Pitched per Game (IP/GS) Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

IP/GS Calculator

Definition – What is IP/GS?

IP/GS shows the average number of innings pitched for each game start that a pitcher has.

While a pitcher does not always have control over how long they are in the game for, it is an indicator of starting pitcher ability and stamina.

IP/GS is presented as is presented as a number with a decimal. A 1 or 2 after the decimal means 1/10th or 2/10ths of an inning. It does not mean 1 and 2 outs pitched (as some inning statistics are).

Formula – How to calculate IP/GS

IP/GS = (Innings Pitched + (Outs (Partial Innings) Pitched)) ÷ Game Starts


If a pitcher has started 32 games, and in that time has pitched 202 innings and 1 out, then:
IP/GS = (202 + (1/3)) ÷ 32
IP/GS = 202.333333 ÷ 32
IP/GS = 6.32
This pitcher’s IP/GS is 6.32 – they have averaged about 6 1/3 innings (or 6 innings and 1 out) for each game they have started.

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