Innings Pitched per Game (IP/GS) Calculator (Baseball)

LAST UPDATE: March 8th, 2020

IP/GS Calculator

What is IP/GS?

IP/GS is a baseball ratio that attempts to show the average number of innings pitched for each game start that a pitcher has.
While a pitcher does not always have control over how long they are in the game for, it is an indicator of starting pitcher ability and stamina.
It should be noted that when IP/GS is presented with a decimal, a 1 or 2 after the decimal does not mean 1 and 2 outs pitched (as some inning statistics are), it is interpreted as 1/10th and 2/10ths of an inning.

How to calculate IP/GS

In Baseball, IP/GS calcualtes as:
IP/GS = (Innings Pitched + (Outs (Partial Innings) Pitched)) / Game Starts


If a pitcher has started 32 games, and in that time has pitched 202 innings and 1 out, then:
IP/GS = (202 + (1/3)) / 32
IP/GS = 202.333333/ 32
IP/GS = 6.32
This pitcher’s IP/GS is 6.32 – they have averaged about 6 1/3 innings (or 6 innings and 1 out) for each game they have started.

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