Power Finesse Ratio (PFR) Calculator (Baseball)

LAST UPDATE: March 8th, 2020

PFR Calculator

What is Power Finesse Ratio?

PFR is a baseball pitching ratio that compares the number of strikes and walks produced by the pitcher in relation to the number of innings they have pitched.
As the alternative to a strike or walk is the ball being in play, it compares the number of times that the pitcher (as opposed to the fielders) determined the outcome of an at-bat.

How to calculate PFR

In Baseball, PFR calculates as:
PFR = (Strikeouts + Walks) / (Innings Pitched + (Outs (Partial Innings) Pitched / 3))


If a pitcher has made 207 strikeouts and 43 walks over 202 innings and 1 out pitched, then:
PFR = (207 + 43) / (202 + (1 / 3))
PFR = 250 / 202.33333
PFR = 1.235
This pitcher’s power finesse ratio is 1.235 – on average they make 1.235 strikeouts or walks for each inning pitched.

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