Strikeout to Walk Ratio

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

Strikeout to Walk Ratio Calculator

Definition – What is Strikeout to Walk Ratio?

K/BB shows a pitcher’s number of strikeouts for each walk that they allow.

A higher K/BB indicates better pitching ability (as there are more strikeouts in relation to walks allowed).

It is the opposite of the Walk to Strikeout Ratio (BB/K) which is used to evaluate hitters.

Formula – How to calculate K/BB

K/BB = Strikeouts ÷ Walks


If a pitcher throws 143 strikeouts and in that time allows 64 walks, then:

K/BB = 143 ÷ 64
K/BB = 2.23

This pitcher’s K/BB is 2.23 – they pitch approximately 2.23 strikeouts for each walk they allow.

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