Total Average (TA) Calculator (Baseball)

LAST UPDATE: March 8th, 2020

TA Calculator

What is Total Average?

TA is a baseball metric used to show a batter’s offensive contribution.
It is a relatively simple calculation, with a batter getting positive credit for every base achieved and negative credit for every out caused.
Unlike other sports metrics, it does not weight individual actions (many sports metrics would weight a home run as more than 4 times as valuable as a 1 base hit – however in Total Average, they are weighted equally) – instead, each positive carries the same weight and each negative carries the same weight.
Fans of the total average metric note that it is a relatively easy metric to calculate.

How to calculate TA

In Baseball, on Total Average is calculated as:
TA = (Total Bases + Hit by Pitch + Walks + Stolen Base) / (At Bats – Hits + Caught Stealing + Ground Into Double Play)


If a batter has 164 hits, 22 walks, 255 total bases, 520 at-bats, 7 caught stealing, 18 stolen bases, 4 hit by pitch, and 5 ground into double play, then:
TA = (255 + 4 + 22 + 18) / (520 – 164 + 7 + 5)
TA = 299 / 368
TA = 0.813
This batter’s TA is 0.813.

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