Duckworth-Lewis Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 23rd, 2020


Note: The Laws of Cricket specify that, in the event of a limited-overs match being interrupted, the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method is to be used to calculate the par score for team batting second. That formula (and the means to calculate it) is not available to the public.

This calculator calculates the Duckworth-Lewis Standard Edition (the method in use prior to October 2003). The Laws of Cricket specify that in the event of the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method is not available for use, the Standard Edition can be used.


Step 1: Find each team’s percentage of resources used using the Duckworth Lewis Standard Edition Table

Step 2: Use the calculator to find team 2’s par score and score to win.

Definition – What is the Duckworth-Lewis Method?

The Duckworth-Lewis method calculates the score needed to tie or win in the event of match interruption (usually because of weather).

Formula – How to calculate the Duckworth-Lewis Method (Standard Edition)

Team 2’s par score = Team 1’s store x (Team 2’s resources ÷ Team 1’s resources)

The result is rounded down for the par score.

Score to win = Team 2’s par score + 1.

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method is a variation of the above formula that is adjusted for changes in the game of cricket.


Team 1 has scored 212. Team 1 resources are at 94.7%. Team 2 resources are at 81.2%.

Team 2’s par score = 212 x (81.2 ÷ 94.7)

Team 2’s par score = 212 x 0.85744

Team 2’s par score = 181.77 (Rounded down the par score is 181)

Team 2’s win score = 181 + 1 = 182

Team 2 needs a score of 181 to tie the game and 182 to win.

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