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LAST UPDATE: June 20th, 2018

GDP Calculator (Expenditure Approach)

GDP Calculator (Income Approach)

What is GDP?

GDP is a measure of all final goods and services produced over a period of time (typically a year, although quarterly and monthly are common).

There are two methods of calculating GDP – the Expenditure Approach (adding up all expenditures in the economy) and the Income Approach (adding up all incomes in the country). The formulas are below.

This method of calculating GDP is often called “Nominal” “Original” or “Historic” GDP. It does not measure changes due to inflation or cost of living, only the actual dollar value transactions (for that see Real GDP).


Expenditure approach: GDP = Consumer spending (C) + Investment (I) + Government spending (G) + Net exports (Nx).

Income approach: GDP = Labor Income (W) + Rental Income (R) + Interest Income (I) + Profits (PR).

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