Ground to Fly Outs (GO/AO)

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

GO/AO Calculator

Definition – What are Ground Outs to Fly Outs (GO/AO) Ratio?

GO/AO is a baseball ratio used to determine if a batter hits high or low. A GO/AO above 1 means that the hitter is more likely to ground out. A GO/AO below 1 means the hitter is more likely to fly out (air out).

It can also be used for a pitcher.

Knowing whether a play will be more likely to fly or ground will help both the defensive and offensive teams adjust their play.

Ground Ball / Fly Ball (GB/FB) is a similar metric.

Formula – How to calculate GO/AO

GO/AO = Ground Outs ÷ Fly Outs


If a batter has produced 140 Ground Outs (GO) and 77 Fly Balls (AO), then:
GO/AO = 140 ÷ 77
GO/AO = 1.82
This batter’s GO/AO ratio is 1.82. They are more likely to ground out.

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