Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

DRB% Calculator

Definition – What is Defensive Rebound Percentage?

Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) puts a player’s number of defensive rebounds in proportion to the total number of defensive rebounds available while they were in active play.

Defensive rebounds are important to a team’s defensive strategy as they reduce the number of chances that the other team has to score on a second (or third) scoring attempt in a play.

Formula – How to Calculate DRB%

(Player Defensive Rebounds x (Team Minutes Played ÷ 5)) ÷ (Player Minutes Played x (Team Defensive Rebounds + Opponent Offensive Rebounds))


  • Player Defensive Rebounds” is when the defense obtains possession of the ball after a missed shot by the offense.
  • Opponent Offensive Rebounds” is the same but for the offensive team.
  • Player Minutes Played” is the number of minutes the player plays in the game.
  • Team Minutes Played” is the total number of player-minutes the team plays. On game of 48 minutes counts as 240 team minutes (48 x 5 = 240).


A player has 4 defensive rebounds and has played 41 minutes.
Their team has 32 defensive rebounds and has played 240 minutes.
The opposing team has 7 offensive rebounds.

DRB% = ((4 x (240÷5)) ÷ (41 x (32 + 7))) x 100%
DRB% = ((4 x 48) ÷ (41 x 39)) x 100%
DRB% = (192 ÷ 1599) x 100%
DRB% = 0.1201 x 100%
DRB% = 12.01%
Therefore, this player has a defensive rebound percentage of 12.01%.

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