Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) Calculator (Basketball)

DRB% Calculator

What is Defensive Rebound Percentage?

Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) is a basketball statistic that puts a player’s number of defensive rebounds in proportion to the total number of defensive rebounds available while they were in active play.

It is intended to be representative of part of a player’s defensive ability. Defensive rebounds are important to a team’s defensive strategy as they reduce the number of chances that the other team has to score on a second (or third) scoring attempt in a play.

How to Calculate Defensive Rebound Percentage

Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) calculates as:
\frac{\text{Player Defensive Rebounds}\times\frac{\text{Team Minutes Played}}{5}}{\text{Player Minutes Played}\times(\text{Team Defensive Rebounds}+\text{Opponent Offensive Rebounds})}\times100\%


A player has 4 defensive rebounds and has played 41 minutes.
Their team has 32 defensive rebounds and has played 240 minutes.
The opposing team has 7 offensive rebounds.
Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) = ((4 * (240/5)) / (41 * (32 + 7))) * 100%
Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) = ((4 * 48) / (41 * 39)) * 100%
Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) = (192 / 1599) * 100%
Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) = 0.1201 * 100%
Defensive Rebound Percentage (DRB%) = 12.01%
Therefore, this player has a defensive rebound percentage of 12.01%.

What counts as a Defensive Rebound in Basketball?

In basketball, a defensive rebound is recorded to the player who passes the ball to a teammate who then scores a basket.
In the NBA, assists that result in points from free throws (the pass is made to a player who is then fouled, followed by that player making a basket through a free throw) are not counted, however, they are counted in FIBA (International Basketball Federation) matches.

What counts as an offensive rebound in Basketball?

In basketball, an offensive rebounded is similar to a defensive rebound, but happens when the offensive team recovers the ball.

What counts a minute played in Basketball?

A minute played is each minute of play that happens while the player is on the court.
Team minutes played are the total minutes played of all five players on the court at one time – one game of 48 minutes is a total of 240 minutes played.

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