Steal Percentage (STL%) Calculator (Basketball)

LAST UPDATE: September 24th, 2020

STL% Calculator

Definition – What is Steal Percentage?

Steal percentage is the percentage of opponent team possessions that end with a steal by a specific player.

Formula – How to calculate Steal Percentage

Steal Percentage is calculated as:

(100 x Player Steals x Team Minutes) ÷ (Player Minutes Played x Opponent Team Possessions)


A player has 2 steals and 39 minutes played, on a team that has played 48 minutes. The opposing team has had 94 possessions in this time.

Steal Percentage = (100 x 2 x 48) ÷ 39 x 94

Steal Percentage = 9600 ÷ 3666

Steal Percentage = 0.219

Therefore, this player’s steal percentage would be 0.2619, 2.62% of total opponent possessions.

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