STL/TOV Calculator

LAST UPDATE: September 23rd, 2020


Definition – What is Steal/Turnover Ratio?

STL/TOV ratio is a measurement of how often a player (or team) forces a change of possession by the other team (steal) to how often they lose possession of the ball (turnover).

A higher STL/TOV means that the player (or team) frequently takes possession away from the other team and rarely gives it up.

Formula – How to calculate STL/TOV

STL/TOV = Steals ÷ Turnovers


  • “Steals” are when a player forces a turnover on the other team.
  • “Turnovers” are when a player loses possession of the ball.
  • A turnover can occur without being recorded as a steal by the other team (for example a player misses a pass to a teammate and the ball goes out of bounds). All steals, however, are turnovers for the opposite team.


158 steals have been recorded along with 387 turnovers.

STL/TOV = 158 ÷ 387

STL/TOV = 0.4087

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