Total Rebound Percentage Calculator (Basketball)

Total Rebound Percentage Calculator

What is Total Rebound Percentage?

Total rebound percentage is a metric that measures the percentage of rebounds in a game attributed to a single player.

How to calculate Total Rebound Percentage

Steal Percentage is calculated as:
\frac{100 \times \text{Player Rebounds} \times \text{Team Minutes Played}}{\text{Player Minutes Played}\times(\text{Team Total Rebounds}+\text{Opposing Team Total Rebounds})}


A player has 15 steals and 36 minutes played, on a team that has played 48 minutes and 49 total rebounds. The opposing team has had 42 rebounds in this time.
\text{Steal Percentage} = \frac{100 \times 15 \times 48}{36 \times (49 + 42)}
\text{Steal Percentage} = \frac{72000}{36 \times 91}
\text{Steal Percentage} = \frac{72000}{3276}
\text{Steal Percentage} = 21.98
Therefore, this player’s rebound percentage would be 21.98% (21.98% of total rebounds that occurred in the game).

What is a rebound in basketball?

A rebound happens when a player makes a shot towards the net that does not go in, and the ball is obtained by another player. If it is a player on the offensive team (the team attempting to score), it is an offensive rebound, if it is a player on the defensive team (the team attempting to prevent the shooter from scoring) it is a defensive rebound.

What is game time in basketball?

Game time is the amount of time that a player or a team has played.
That session of possession ends when they lose possession of the ball – either through scoring, losing the ball, or committing a foul or game violation.

What are minutes played in basketball?

A minute played is the time that a player is on the court during active gameplay.
Team minutes are the time that the team has played. In the example on this page a 48-minute basketball game (sometimes team minutes are recorded as a total of the minutes played by each player on the team – instead of 48 minutes being recorded, 240 minutes is recorded (48-minute game x 5 players).

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